Fancy it up with this silver spork

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… so relieved that I’m not the only one …

BTW: Gabel + Löffel = Göffel.


Will they monogram?


Got one of these with a takeout order a few years back…it lives in my crash kit now.
Looking for a metal one to replace it with.

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Spork? If it’s silver, you should call it by it’s old name - “runcible spoon”.


I was going to say how appropriate for the Age of Trump. But just gold-plating a plastic spork would be a better fit.

I don’t judge at all. I carry a set of cutlery and chopsticks at nearly all times. I also keep a few sets in the trunk, when we make a trip with a kid and his friends.

Because I absolutely hate both the flimsy plastic lookalike and the mouth-feeliting of wooden/bamboo disposables.

This type of implement has been around for more than a century:
“Using a spoon to eat ice cream seems to be the most intuitive way to enjoy it—yet diners in the mid-19th century insisted on using peculiar forks to enjoy their cold, sweet treats.”
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