Tritensil: a usable spork


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"London’s Map Project studio created the bio-plastic Tritensil for notorious tax-dodging luxury department store Fortnum & Mason… "

I sort of feel like this narrative is out of place. What does this have to do with a spork? How does it give context to the utensil? I guess i can appreciate a jab at the department store but it just struck me as an odd detail to include (:


Erm… how do you hold your food in place while you saw at it with the tiny knife?


Perhaps to foil the eventual “BB is hawking stuff sold at ‘notorious tax-dodging corp X’” comment.


Is the photo of someone cutting into one of the “facehugger” eggs from the Alien franchise?


Like other sporks, it combines a spoon’s bowl, a fork’s tines, and a knife’s serrated edge in a single utensil head.

Technically that makes it a sporf (plural sporves) or a splayd. A proper spork doesn’t have a knife edge.


Well I can see how an improved spork would be newsworthy.


Or possibly, a runcible spoon.


Thank you ever so much for the comment that some of these were made “backwards” for those of us who are left-handed. How about using the word “reversed” instead?


Because “backwards” correctly implies that left-handed people are mutated aberrations who should be thankful that normal people went to the trouble of making anything specifically for them, particularly a new sporf design.


I’ll admit to feeling grateful when I read above that the manufacturer actually thought of us!

It’s the 21st century, we’re 10% of the world population, and we still have to deal on a daily basis with things that literally make us more likely to die earlier.


/flips @L_Mariachi the bird left-handed


Just use two! (I recommend the left handed version for your left hand)


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