Moon camera up for auction may or may not have been to the Moon


Correction, claims to have been on 15, not 11.

Thanks, will fix!

Huh, it looks a little different from the other ones they used on that soundstage.


Oh, this is a still camera, not for television.

Pedantry warning:

“May or may not” is redundant. May implies may not, and vice versa.

I’ve got an old pair of socks that may have been to the moon - $3,000 to the first taker (I’ll ship)

I have actual dust that may have come from either the moon or from Mars (or beyond!) itself!

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“May or may not” is redundant. May implies may not, and vice versa.

To native English speakers the phrase connotes exceptional disagreement and uncertainty. It’s related to the usual usage of “may,” which implies that there’s a reasonable chance of truth. If you want to be strict about it, you could say anything “may” happen, but then the phrase is empty.

How’s that for pedantry?


Here’s a grungy old toothbrush that may have been to the moon: Heritage Auctions.

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I would think there would have to be some moon dust in a nook or cranny as evidence if it went to the moon.

I think you may or may not have been to the moon.

You think the headline was a rhetorical jab at the auction?

“Signs of use, otherwise very fine condition.”

I’m pretty sure his mother was very glad to hear of this.

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Good point. One of the only known legal sources of moon dust came from the seams of a sample storage bag sold at auction… Link Here.

I thought that was a joke, then I looked, and now I know.


… pssst … hey … I’ve got some of that good moon dust! … grey area stuff …

It sold for $22,000!!!

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Dagnabit, my aunt used to have a piece of moonrock! Aaaaaaanty!!!

I’ll pay the $3,000, but you have to ship them to my secret base in Valles Marineris.

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Sold! No problem - we’ll be along soon with the socks. We just have to drag the Ark along to the launchpad first.