Space history auction on Tuesday


My tax dollars helped pay for that! It looks like some of this is from employees whose work product I, as a Taxpayer, and funder of NASA actually own. Are the proceeds going back to NASA or to private individuals? Maybe it will go to reduce our inter-solar system trade deficit.
I want to know.

All fake. Here’s proof:

How and when did they make castings of their Moon footprints?
We didn’t see Neil and Buzz mixing up plaster on the Moon in 1/6 G - which would have been quite an engineering feat.

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It is pretty easy to do on a soundstage in Area 51…

I don’t know what is more depressing, that these items are “collectible” and rare,or that people commenting still think it’s funny to joke that it never happened. At least I hope they’re joking.

Someday, humans will return to space. Someday.

Sooooooo, who’s going to buy me a space suit?

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