A good day for kid RPGs!

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It’s not an RPG, but My Little Scythe is a brilliant euro-style board game for kids.

It follows the basic structure of Scythe, but simplified to be all about friendship, picking apples, and having pie fights.


You can also try Little Monsters Detectives, now on Kickstarter (12 days to go!!!), the English speaking version of Pequeños Detectives de Monstruos.

It is very popular in Spain and France!
Also, from the same writers and game editorial,Los Buscaduendes for a little more grow up group of children

And, because the same editorial has found that kids love to roleplay: Magissa. This one more close to the classic Fantasy RPG style.

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Good stuff here- thanks for sharing! My bunch (ages 5, 8, and 10) have really enjoyed our rounds of Amazing Tales over the last year. I really like that more kid-friendly RPGs are becoming available.

We found that WildBird Games out of New Mexico has a bunch of fun family-friendly games. My crew really likes “Taco Party”, and my 10-year-old likes “Woven in Myth” https://wildbirdgames.weebly.com/

There’s also been several well-written RPGs lately that aren’t “kid RPGs” necessarily, but feature kids as main characters, so they’re great for kids to try.

Kids on Bikes is the stereotypical 80s-Amblin setting of kids (on bikes) getting into crazy adventures. Think E.T., Goonies, Stranger Things.

Tales from the Loop is a similar sort of thing but more sci-fi focused.

And of course I can’t forget Changeling: the Dreaming, the classic fantasy-based RPG that can have more adult themes but is, at its core, about kids (in the guise of changelings of various types) exploring together.


when i glanced at the title of this my first thought was "who makes rocket propelled grenades for kids?’

then i clicked the “show full post” button and went “oh!”

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Has anyone played My Little Pony: Tails of Equestria? Is it any good? My 4.5yo is still heavily into the MLP world (despite being too scared of the show to actually watch it) and eats the omnibus comics for breakfast lunch and dinner. She’s super into us writing/drawing and improv-acting stories together, and eventually it would be fun to bring some randomness into the mix. I’ve made up some simple rolling rules we occasionally break out when we play with her ponies and frozen pieces, but she resists the dice having any say over how things turn out. She might give it more of a chance if the whole thing came in a box, rather than it just being Dad imposing his weirdness on the game…

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I haven’t, but the game I mentioned above, My Little Scythe, was actually created by MLP fans as a MLP board game. The creators of Scythe thought it was so clever that they bought it and retrofitted it for Scythe. But I imagine that it could be easily played with MLP minis and swapping in “Equestria” and such. It may be a bit tricky for a 4.5 yr old, however.

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Quite nice, but not half as exciting as this.

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