Assault on Equestria: My Little Pony themed D&D game with a young kid!


Before you don’t-ask:

Yes, there are several fanfics of ponies playing D&D.

Cute kid. It’s wonderful to see parents sharing the treasures of gaming with their children. Keep the dice rolling!


Cool, I could cast a fireball and free the world from My Little Pony.

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This is adorable. But i was kind of hoping for a battle report.

BoingBoing again proves that beneath all the layers of ‘world is doooomed’ blog-o-news there is still a directory of wonderful things.


This warms my heart like you wouldn’t believe. Great start to my Friday.

I came here to say “In before some bitter jerk trying to turn a heartwarming story of family fun into a chance to moan about bronies,” but it looks like I was too slow.

Here’s a fun exercise for geeks: come up with a general reason why adult MLP fans are bad that isn’t “it’s for kids!” (nice Transformers/G.I. Joe/Ninja Turtles/Lego/superhero fandom you’ve got there) or “it’s for girls!” (misogynist much?)


My Kid has thousands(well a lot) of MLP mini’s. totally going to do this this afternoon. The challenge is keeping a 5yr old to the rules.

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My Little Pony: Users are Magic?

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I’ll have to share this with my own MLP:FIM fan and see what she thinks. I’ll bet she’ll want to run a game like NOW…

Great idea! I need to try this with my daughter; it’ll have to be with Pocoyo characters instead.

I like making fun of them because their fandom is goofy as hell. The show’s alright, though.

Does this make Anita Sarkeesian a bitter jerk? MLP made the horrible decision to make Twilight Sparkle a princess! Once it was pointed out that “princess” means something different in the Faust MLP universe, she said that it was because of the implication that she now had undeserved power over others.

I really dig her concept for “Legend Of The Last Princess,” though. If she ever does another Kickstarter campaign and tries to fund developing that, I might be persuaded to contribute. This is coming from someone who has serious reservations about her critique of videogames.

All fandoms are goofy as hell. I mean, have you seen geeks? We hang around convention centers in ridiculous, ill-fitting costumes while arguing about which fictional character would win in a fight and paying top dollar for any cheap mass-produced crap with the right logo on it. I’ve done it all, and loved it. I don’t think the rest of us really have any room to call Bronies weird.

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I haven’t seen Sarkeesian’s commentary on MLP. I’m willing to be she didn’t post it in a barely-related comment thread on somebody else’s blog, though.

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