My Little Pony: Friendship is Manly


This is probably filled with inside jokes that my son will understand, alas.

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Do I detect a bit of homoerotic tension at this gathering?


If you’re only detecting a bit then your instruments need to be adjusted for increased sensitivity.


Wait, where?

That looked like a friday night in a very friendly part of city-centre Manchester!

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Only possible reply:


What just happened to me?

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I believe a quote from Patton Oswald applies here: “This is gayer than nine guys doing eight guys, with one dick left over to go in the ear.”

Also, great animation :blush:

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Well, what happened is that a fun moment from an extremely girl-positive show got turned into a major homoerotic moment because I don’t even know why the fuck anymore. “To hell with little girls”, maybe.

“But all fandoms do it!” Stuff like this is fun for the grown-up fans, I know, but the “Bronies” are also why I would never let my young girls do a Youtube search for MLP. It’s one of the few girls shows I’ve seen that doesn’t involve overly cutesy messages about being cute, getting the prince, or shopping (to name a few.) The girls even got me hooked when John DeLancie guest-starred as Discord.

Alright, I’ll stop bitching and post a MLP/Star Trek(Spock vs. Q actually) mashup instead.


What horrors might be unleashed upon a young girl’s mind, were she to witness a cartoon muscle man walking in slow motion?

Which is to say, I really have no idea what you’re getting worked up about.


Sounds like someone’s got a case of the homophobias.

Yes. Complaining about turning Ponies into sexualized scantily-clad muscle-bound guys is homophobia.

This from the crowd that threw a major fit about Equestria Girls, which was basically every bit as sweet and innocent as the rest of the series.

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Nope. No tension at all.

I laughed so hard, and I’m not even really sure why.

Does 4Chan know about this? It’s like /fit/+/mlp/ had an offspring.

They’re already way ahead of you: (archived because 404)

This is the greatest animation ever made.

Fuck you, Toy Story.

Well, I suppose it beats the “my little porny” website…


I had a brief desire to express my confusion about the above clip, but then I paused, saw that I had typed the phrase, “gargling tea bags” and quietly backspaced.

As you were, internet.