A grumpy cat crashes an outdoor nativity scene, making for a really funny photo




I for one welcome the return of the great goddess Bast. Personally, I blame Neil Gaiman.


This has the potential for replacing FSM as the deity of the internet.


I hear tell that Cat Jesus was resurrected no fewer than eight times.





‘An den Happy Cat wuz born in teh barn, cos no one had teh room in teh howses for Mary an Joseph, ebben tho Mary wuz gonna hab kitten. So teh innkeeper sez, “You can has teh barn fo stay and has little one, SRSLY.”’


That’s the way my Catholic family did it. The Baby Jesus figure only appeared on Christmas Eve, and the Three Wise Men were moved closer to the manger every day, until they finally arrived on January 6, together with our presents, dropped on top of our best pair of shoes. Just a couple of days to enjoy them, and then back to school. We envied the children that got their presents on Christmas morning, and that had plenty of time to play with them.

That nice little cat is just keeping the cradle warm for Baby Jesus. Good cat!


Handel’s Meeowsiah


Gold, Frankincense and Purr.


Oh. My. Dog.


Religion, catnip for the masses.


The post’s pic, and all the pic’s in this thread, explain everything about cats.




My grandfather always did the same thing. Except they did gifts on Christmas… but the wisemen didn’t get to Jesus until the 6th… Moving closer each day.


Same in my family - we open gifts on Christmas, but they stay under the tree until Epiphany. As kids, it really taught us the meaning of delayed gratification.


Geez, guys. Don’t we all know if it fits they sits?




You don’t recognise your lord and savior, Cat Jesus?