Is moth wing pattern is a sign from God or Satan?




Yet again, a headline posed as a question, to which the answer is “no”.


Was Jesus a moth?


It’s a sign that some people should not become entomologists, it would drive 'em completely buggy.


Is the pope a Ladybird?

(edit: I literally just typed ‘catholic beetle’ into Google and that was the first, well, catholic beetle result. I’ve just read some of the rest of the blog. Hoo boy… )


I’ve studied this picture long and hard and I can categorically announce that (drumroll please…)


Other titles you may be interested in include:

  • That’s not Jesus in your Taco, it’s and random pattern of thickness irregularities
  • God didn’t leave a sign in your miracle whip, it’s a freak of the manufacturing process, and,
  • That beetle doesn’t look like my son, who I gave for your sins, it’s some fanart of Lady Gaga that Old Nick did when we were off our tits on peyote last week.


Of course is not Jesus or Satan! It´s a Sith Lord!

All praise Darth Sidious and his raspy voice!


He did have a thing about leading followers into the light.


I see Jesus… with the most glorious afro the world has ever known!


I’ve heard of Moth-Ra, but not Moth-Jesus.

I think he’s more of a myth, to be honest.


If anything, being a pattern which resembles decaying leaves, it’s a message from Mother Nature.


Slow news day?


I saw a similarly-colored moth in Virginia a few days ago. It’s been bugging me to find out what species it is. Does anyone here know?


For anyone who’s curious: It’s an Imperial Moth - Eacles imperialis. They (as you would expect) all look like that (if male). The females have more yellow on them. They’re also impressive - their wingspan is typically 4" - 5 7/8" across.

The other thing I have to say is - wow, how is she seeing Jesus in that? I have really strong pareidolia and I’m not getting a face. All I can see - after looking for a picture - is a bubbleman wearing a button-down and having a bad day.


Was juuuuusst about to post.


The moth doesn’t add up.


Pareidolia can annoy ya.


It is best not to interpret too much about what you see on the markings of an animal. Otherwise you end up with dog butthole Jesus (NSFW, and it is exactly what you would expect it to be).


Alia Atreides is bemused.


Ain’t that the truth…or something like it.