Jesus spotted in sonogram image along with baby


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‘The expecting parents say while they aren’t very religious… the image made him emotional, "when I seen it, it almost brought tears to my eyes… image is putting them at ease after Alicia experienced a number of complications with her first two children…”

Aren’t very religious? I wonder what their reaction would have been if they were very religious.


For43’s ad engine supplied me a reasonable alternate identity for the womb-invader:



Pretty sure that’s Gimli.


That’s Chester Cheetah (Cheetos mascot). I’m serious. I saw it immediately before I even read the article.



Most of the time when I see still images from a sonogram I have to struggle just to recognize which amorphous blob is the baby.


Wow, took me a second, but now I can’t unsee the anthropomorphized feline. I guess it still could be a religious experience though…


That’s a common mistake. It’s actually just Grizzly Adams. He’s known for helping in the early stages of child development as a weekend hobby.


Uh… I’m just not seeing it.

If this is an example of pareidolia, it’s one of the least obvious ones I’ve never seen…


profile view on the left towards the top… that said not sure it looks like jeebus though… charles manson maybe or does that say more about me?


I guess I never realized until now that Jesus carried a trident and had large symmetrical cowlicks. Good for her!


That’s not Jesus, that’s Doug Henning!


I’m sure its The Dude…


“Too late Jeez, this virgin birth is already taken”


Here’s looking at you, Kid!




I thought you were supposed to let Jesus into your heart, not into your uterus. Maybe He just got lost.


One more:

Q: Have you found Jesus yet?
A: Yes, and you won’t believe where he was hiding!



I actually see McGruff the Crime Dog, but if I squint my eyes it could be Chester Cheetah. I’m cool with either one.