Arizona woman sees Jesus in dental x-ray of her molars


That person that just died seconds ago in a car accident?
That child that was just molested moments ago?
That 33-year old breast cancer patient that just lost the battle?
That Nigerian that just died of starvation?

Sorry, I couldn’t be bothered with any of that… I was too busy inserting myself into a vague, meaningless vision inside your molar. Hope the message is clear! Preach on!

-Jesus H. Christ
Son of God, Holy Roller, Diety Almighty, M.B.a, Ph.D, OT VII, etc etc etc


I see Strong Sad wearing a plague doctor mask.


I see a bunny holding a basket.


Close, but I think that’s actually the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

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I see Lucifer, well no not really. Looks like a molar with vaguely face like shading though nothing specific.

Arizona Woman sounds like the perfect match for Florida Man.


I see that someone’s gonna need a root canal!

It’s obviously Jesus, what else could it possibly be?

Those posters had it wrong all this time. Not “Jesus Will Carry You” but “Jesus will Carie You”


I saw him right away.


Whenever I have to drive my mother somewhere and there’s particularly bad weather, she has to take a moment to say a prayer to keep us safe on the trip.
I then remind her that there’s probably a championship game somewhere and his hands are full.


I’ve always been baffled by why so few pray-ers appear to be concerned by, or even notice, the incongruity of making direct requests(often aloud, and/or with various ritual additives) of an omniscient deity. Especially an omniscient deity who is commonly said to already have a plan in mind.

I can only assume that the ritualized behavior serves some fairly deeply rooted psychological purpose(quite possibly the one that ends up being categorized as ‘stereotypy’ or ‘stereotyped behaviors’ if you wander too far from normal intensity and duration); but that doesn’t help shake how weird it is.


I dunno… all I see is a pair of Truck Nutz


Hmm. I see a portrait of Jesus in a frame that suspiciously looks like a molar.

You know what those trinitarians say about Jesus… “Half God; All Man.”

Worst pareidolia ever.


The more I stare, the more I see the internal structures of the tooth. No face there.

Would be better if it’d be a tomographic image.

Thought… those around-the-head panorama xrays… could the machines be turned into tomographs, with some software processing thrown at the acquired image? What changes would be needed on the machines?

Another thought… metal crowns are xray-opaque. Could the teeth underneath be imaged by neutrons? Or the tooth-crown bond examined by ultrasound, like composites and metals and joints are tested in industry?

Your own…dental…Jesus…


Periodontal pareidolia?