Cookie Monster seen in pasta pot




“Where is your god now?”

That’s him in the pasta pot.


Pastafarians rejoice! Your time is nigh!


I see God.


Ramen. His noodly appendage has touched us all.


Wow, that is so much more compelling than the religious pareidolia I see. The (Christian) religious pareidolia generally comes in two flavors: Mary and Jesus. The “Mary” pareidolia amounts to vague blobs that could, if you’re generous, look like a blurry human figure completely covered in the sorts of (anachronistic) shapeless robes and head covering depicted in Mediaeval/Renaissance art (i.e. an elongated vague blob). Whereas the “Jesus” pareidolia at best looks vaguely like a bearded man. (But which bearded man? There were a lot of them, over the years. A lot of “Jesus” pareidolia looks like Rasputin or Charles Manson to me.) But this, this looks exactly like the cookie monster. You’re not likely to confuse this with some other muppet, no siree.


Is it just me, or are the pasta-based sightings increasing? Times are few, people. Times are few.


Repent!!! Boil-over is nigh upon us…


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