Jesus in a pierogi



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I’d hit it.


From root vegetables shaped remarkably like male body parts to pierogi with the visage of Jesus, people had always enjoyed food that reminded them of something they think is cool.


I’m shocked Jesus doesn’t appear in pierogis regularly. They’re delicious! Still this looks more like Frank Zappa.


Exactly what I was going to say. My first thought was “Frank Zappa”.


My first thought was Charles Manson.




And this one’s just so much more likely. It’s weird that they think someone like Jesus would be the one to mischievously show up in assorted victuals. Although that’s like #3,726 on this list of things people think Jesus would do that he probably wouldn’t…


came here to say the same thing!

“Watch out where them huskies go, don’t you eat that yellow pirogi with my face on it (bcuz a dog pee’d on it).” -F.Zappa


That was my first thought, as well!


Fools! It’s Emperor Norton.


That was my first thought too.


Exactly! My first thought was, “Jesus, heck. That’s Frank Zappa.” Which is a nice change, because most of the “Jesus” blobs I see look like either Rasputin or Charles Manson.


I was gonna say Charles Manson:


I was going to say Cheech Marin, but Zappa is brilliant.


If only the maker had hand-pinched the dough instead of using a press, we might have the likeness of the blessed FSM.


It’s definitely the Zig-Zag man.


My name is Inigo Pierogi.
You ate my father.
Prepare to fry.


It would be a sin not to eat that delicious looking pierogi.

That said, how did they get my face on a pierogi?!!


“Jesus in Pieroge” just sounds like it should be a response to “Great Jumpin’ Jehosefat”

I actually read it as Yosemite Sam.