Is moth wing pattern is a sign from God or Satan?


Slake moth


Here’s a useful test: if the moth tells you to pray more, give to the poor, and promote peace throughout your community, it’s God. If it tells you to slay the neighbor’s dog, it’s not.


This just looks like a hipster in a vintage Ralph Lauren polo shirt, but there are lots of other faces peering out of the thoraxes of other Imperial Moths: a young Mick Jagger, Wendy of burger fame, Chief Wiggum, Will Smith’s and Angelina Jolie’s characters from Shark Tale, and lots of big-eyed aliens. How come they don’t make news?


Not much holy power if my cat can eat it.


Thanks for all the info. I cannot unsee the figure myself, but IMO it’s more like Gandalf than anything else.

PS: Is extra word in post title is a sign from god or satan to proofread?


I think it looks like Conchita Wurst.


“Sign from God”? Isn’t everything a sign from God since god is everywhere and in all things?

I mean . . . the fact that I got diarrhea the other day is a sign from god that I shouldn’t eat at that burrito place anymore.


:slight_smile: Moth camouflage patterns provide ample source material for viewing what isn’t there. What blows my mind is how she saw something so difficult to see in this moth. She has to have really wanted it.

Here’s the outline for the bubbleman, @teapot - thanks for yours! I saw that outline, but to me it looks like a nun that wants a hug.




You are obviously mistaken. None of those moths you said looked ‘just like that’ looked like Jesus, so there. And that whole pareidolia thing, that’s something unbelievers have dreamt up so they could explain away signs from above. If you can call handwaving and giving something a fancy name explaining anything, that is. Too bad she didn’t catch it, I’d have loved to see it on eBay, just like the Holy Toasty etc.



Ummm. Thanks newbie troll. You do realize that the photo that keeps reappearing on this page in various forms is the photo she took of the moth that was at her house?

Also she herself said that didn’t “see” the Jesus face until she looked at the photo - so that’s the exact same thing she was looking at when she “saw” her Lord and Savior.

You’ll need to try harder on BB.


I think that was supposed to be a ham-fisted attempt at sarcasm. I originally read it the same way as you, but the “so there” convinced me it was a joke.

For the love of Bob I hope it’s a joke. If this is the same person’s book list then I’d say it’s a joke:


Looks more like Roy Wood or Arthur Brown to me.


The fact that people have pareidolia I get, but why the huge desire to associate it with religion? I mean for a group that theoretically forbids “taking the name in vain”, it seems pretty much the opposite of regarding with awe to see your god’s mom in the water stain of a freeway overpass (or to see Him on toast etc…).

And for the life of me, what am I supposed to be seeing in this?


Oh, I didn’t think the author was serious - no way! - but a person responding to my comment (#27 on the still-short thread) with a poorly researched joke is still trolling me at freshman level. :smiley:

That’s why I just pointed out the errors in reference. I wasn’t taking it seriously. I just wanted to let him know (as a new user) that we’re a bit sharper than that on these threads, and he’d have to step up his game. No offense taken, and none intended.

P.S. Excellent taste in books.


The “seeing religious imagery” thing most likely has to do with indoctrination in a religion. When you belong to a religion, you become regularly associated with the images that religion uses. Frequent association with an image will imprint that pattern on your brain. So you’ll be more likely to “see” it in a random collection of shapes. You won’t actually “see” it, but your brain will fill-in-the-blanks of missing information for whatever you would expect to see filling a certain pattern.

Sounds work the same way. You can play a modified sound that is unrecognizable to a listener. Then, play the unedited sound and let the listener hear it. When you again play the edited sound, the listener will still “hear” the sound that was unclear before. “Brain Games” Season 4, Episode 3 “Language” does an example of this right at the start of the show - it’s available on Hulu.

It’s all because our brains are heavily wired to recognize patterns. So heavily that we see, hear, touch, taste, and smell things that aren’t even there!


Right, but why is it always some religious thing (as opposed to something more mundane)? Or is it only significant to alert others if it’s Jesus or the like? (I guess nobody’s going to go to the news or build a shrine if they’ve got a piece of toast with a likeness of their uncle Bob on it).

And why does this phenomenon seem limited to Christian sects? I never see stories like “Image of Ganesh on a dorito… NEWS AT TEN!” (and yes, I also get that the USA is largely composed of Christians, but there’s a significant number of Buddhists, Hindus, etc… here as well). Is there something specific to Christianity that promotes pareidolia as a genuine religious phenomenon?

(and yes, I’m aware that a child born in India with a vestigal tail was worshiped as an incarnation of Hanuman, but that’s not so much seeing imagery that’s not there as much as it is a belief in reincarnation and “Holy Crap! This kid has a tail like a monkey!”)


You come here for news? You will get what you pay for on that front.