TOM THE DANCING BUG - War on Christian Terrorism

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Worth it for just the last panel.


“Hey! What’s that whistling sound?”

Ha Ha Ha Ha! Made my day!


I really liked this one, but I have to ask: what’s wrong with mayo on a ham sandwich? (I fail to see this as a test of being a Christian. I’m Pagan and often do this.)

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I think it’s a reasonable WASP test.


I think it is to rule out being a jew or muslim.

christianity does steal a lot from judaism and paganism, no offense to jews or pagans. i guess the ham and mayo comes from the pagan side just like the christmas tree! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think it was supposed to be an innocuous way of asking, “Do you eat pork?” It would be not unlike an old Inquisitorial trick of sitting around inns where food was served and seeing who wouldn’t eat pork. If I remember correctly in Candide there’s a person who gets strung up for pulling the bacon off his chicken, and in Cecil Roth’s The Spanish Inquisition there’s a lengthy passage about a woman who refused to eat pork because it made her sick. She was clueless as to why she was facing execution.


No, it’s from the Book of Neuteronomy, Chapter 12:

  1. Whip not the olive oil of the LORD, for mayonnaise is an abomination unto Him. 2. Avoid also aioli, and anything that partakes of colloidal lipid nature. 3. Jell-o is fine, it’s made of protein. 4. Ask not from whence the protein comes.

Nope - its a culture test for WASPs. No self respecting sandwich eater would pair ham and mayo… Ham can only be paired with mustard when ham is the sole meat. Other options apply if ham is paired with other meats, e.g. oil and vinegar on an italian grinder.

It’s not a Jew thing, but it is a New York thing.


yeah, that last panel is gold.
+1, would read and laugh at again : )

I was actually thinking just this morning, when will the government start a “war” on radical Christian terrorism. Not that I think that’s a good idea.

and , the test is also to rule out vegetarians :wink:

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