TOM THE DANCING BUG: Oregon Woman Gives Birth to Hindu Baby




What a coincidence. My parents are Presbyterian, yet I was born agnostic. The family kept it quiet, though. Perhaps this sort of thing really is more common than anyone realizes.


My family still doesn’t know I was born allergic to organized religion. Easier to endure the occasional hives than explain the condition.


What a stramge, strange comic.


My twin brother and I were both born atheist. Our mother took several decades to fully convert.


I was born worshipping Sithrak. I’ve mostly converted to atheism, but sometimes the old habits come back.


Hey at least Sithrak has internal consistency. 100% hatred, 100% of the time. No matter who you are or what you do. Unchanging, consistent, hatred.


What I like is that you always know where you stand with Sithrak.

Usually neck-deep in lava while birds peck at your eyes.


Well, maybe.


If you showed this strip to 100 fundamentalist christians 100 times a day for 100 years, none would ever grasp the ironic message. You’d simply hear “I don’t get it” 3.65 x 10^8 times.


In past years after the Iraq invasion, we had a weekly protest at the military recruiting office near my house every Wednesday morning. One day, I asked the shaved-neck guy from the Marines what religion he thought he would have if he had been born in India. He was certain that he’d be a Christian.


I had a similar conversation with a guy about being born in a Muslim country. He assured me he’d done a lot of ‘research’ into Islam and so his decision was informed.
A simple question like “what is the historical difference between Shia and Sunni?” soon exposed his lack of actual research.


Am I experiencing deja vu or is this a repeat? I just know I’ve seen it before, but that’s what deja vu is, so…


I was born Unitarian Universalist to Catholic parents. Oy, vey!


I keep reading the name as “Shitrack.” Sounds more appropriate, somehow.


Throw in Sufi’s and watch his head explode! :wink:


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