Christianity is the top religion in the US. What's the second-top, in each state?


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Arizona is Hindu? I know it is traditionally cattle country (according to countless hours watching Randolf Scott movies), but is that the draw for a sizable Hindu population?



Now all I can think about is the aftermath of a fight between Buddha and Muhammad.
“Let’s drink some tea.”
“No. Let’s enjoy some Coffee.”
“Duck season!”
“Rabbit season!”


This is the first I’ve heard of Baha’i. Does it make me particularly clueless or insensitive? And I’ve played every Civ game so at least I know Tengriism and Zoroastrism are a thing.

What Pastafarianism is second nowhere? Obviously can’t trust that info graphic.

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Pastafarianism is second to none.


I think Minnesota is wrong. There are about 45,000 Jews in Minnesota, but a 2011 article in the major paper claims there are about 150,000 Muslims just in the Minneapolis Metro area.

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These numbers seem about what I would have expected just from my knowledge of total global population numbers for each religion.

The one real outlier is Judaism, which doesn’t fit that particular pattern, but this deviation is explained by having a bit of foreknowledge about American Jews, the nature of the Jewish Diaspora, and New England. :stuck_out_tongue:

Islam and Buddhism are right where I’d expect them, with immigrants from Asia typically settling on the West coast and immigrants from the Middle East typically settling on the East coast. There’s also the factor of Islamic influences from the African heritage in the Southeast. The one deviation I really can’t intuit the reason for is the spread of Islam so far into the Northern Rockies, but it might simply be that they get second place by default, given how sparsely populated the region is in general.

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Baha’i is pretty small and barely represented in the US, so not really.

It’s kind of like not knowing about Sihkism or Jainism or whatnot. If you’ve heard of them, neat, but they’re not exactly an every day presence, or even just an occasional one. :wink:

Aha – So it’s the Buddhists who are running Hollywood.


American Buddhism is an odd beast, wrapped up in a lot of New Age craziness, and drawing from a hodge-podge of sources, oftentimes from both sides of the Theravada / Mahayana major theological and doctrinal split.

Technically they are still “Buddhists”, but depending who you talk to you’ll get wildly different understandings of things that may or may not have anything to do with actual, traditional forms of Buddhism. :wink:

For every knowledgeable practicioner with a strong grasp of the religion as a whole and their own place in it, you’ll find a dozen fruitcakes who have about as grounded and authentic an understanding of Buddhism as American Ninja has of ninjutsu. :smile:


Praise Bob!


Baha’i is pretty young as religions go. I think it was founded in the 19th century. Makes sense that it wouldn’t be in Civ. :slight_smile:

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I’m suprised Utah didn’t go as Mormon, but I suppose it could be lumped in with Christianity.

The difference is a tough nut to nail down. Sure there is a lot in common with Christianity, but there is an extra book, and lots of fairly big doctrine/dogma differences. The logic that makes Mormons Christian, should make Christians Jews (and Muslims too)


There is one Baha’i temple on each continent. Here’s the one in North America (just north of Chicago in Wilmette, IL):


It’s actually not that hard. If Jesus Christ = Lord and Redeemer, then ‘Christian’.


You winz the internetz today!

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I rather like that.

And atheism? I’d expect atheism to be a number two in a couple of states. Not that it is a religion as such. But many religious people love to say so. To “prove” - of course - that everybody is religious…