Palm Sunday

Rev. Jeremiah Wright Confusing God and Government April 13, 2003


Happy Palm Sunday.

Fuck this. Obama filled his two terms and is retired from the Presidency. We’re done with the Jeremiah Wright panic.


Praise be. A real believer.

I’m sorry that there are such short tempers.

Governments change. God does not.

I’m not sitting through 38 minutes. What is your point?


That is it Palm Sunday. And that sermon from Rev Wright is still useful even for atheists like me.

And the transcript is good but his delivery is great.

That is my point, Chuck.


Hard to argue with any of Wright’s points in this sermon. Of course, if you’re the propaganda arm of the GOP you can extract phrases here and there and make them look worse than they are.

FWIW, Wright was a cardiopulmonary tech with the navy before he became a minister.

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You posted a link in the Black Lives Matter thread with the title “Rev. Jeremiah Wright Confusing God and Government…”.

Care to explain?


I offered this because

  1. he talks about losing someone to death which made me reflect upon the here and now.

  2. he expressed how it is possible to view that the US Forces in the Middle East is similar to that of the Roman Legion in Jerusalem. And that belonging to a hungry empire can make it difficult for its citizens to see a way to make for peace. Especially for black lives in the US.

  3. Governments lie.

  4. Governments change.

  5. Governments fail.

All of that he juxtaposes with his god not lying, his god not changing, and his god not failing.

I struggle with that part. And I was looking for examples of the humanity on this board to offer something to help me see that.

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There are examples of humanity on this board. Look at the are you okay? thread, for instance.

This feels more like you have already made up your mind, and are using a rather obtuse test to “prove” what you already believe.


Much like how AOC was a bartender before being elected to congress.

I’m not trying to prove anything with or without quotation marks. I listen to this sermon every Palm Sunday for eight years now. And I wanted to share it.

Thank you for referring me to the are you okay thread.

Ocasio-Cortez majored in international relationsand economics at Boston University, graduating cum laude

She started a publishing house, worked as an intern to Sen Kennedy, in nonprofits and on campaigns. When younger she won an Intel national science prize and is the youngest woman ever elected to Congress.

And she also took jobs as a waitress and bartender when she went home to help her mom who was facing foreclosure.

Which seems kinda noble - unless you dislike family values?

I’m willing to bet most people have worked similar jobs - even if they later achieved higher professional positions. Unless they’re wastrel failsons.


I don’t think there is anything to be gained from comparing Wright and AOC.

I mentioned Wright’s background to put his total career in some perspective. After enlisting in the Marines during the Vietnam War, then following that tour with a new career as a Navy med tech (eventually on the team caring for the POTUS), he found a calling as a minister, and went back to school get the advanced degrees he needed for that.

The GOP attacks on Wright, and on Obama using Wright, were completely scurrilous, and that the people who launched them styled themselves as religious patriots was especially ironic given his story, though we’re pretty used to that by now from those assholes.

I’m not religious in any way, let alone Christian, but I admire Wright, thought this sermon was very good (and I agree with @NoThisIsPatrick appropriate to the current monster-in-chief), and always thought more, not less, of Obama for choosing him as his minister.

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Thanx for that

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Anybody have a tl;dr summary? No fucking way am I reading/watching all of that.

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At least it started that way but after that it all gets a bit fanfic.


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