TOM THE DANCING BUG: Charlie Hebdo - Love Is Stronger than Hate



Great cartoon !

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I absolutely it! :ok_hand:

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I approve this message.

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Saliva: the common bond we all share.


This is a message from your oldest ally, or Cheese eating surrender monkeys, depends on your actual administration.

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If you kiss us, do we not salivate?


The saliva seems to stem from the cover this is a tribute to:

(This was the cover the week after the magazine’s office was firebombed in 2011.)

Edited to add: I need a little help with a couple of the pictures in this Tom the
Dancing Bug strip. Is rainbow-flag-tshirt man kissing someone in
particular? And who’s necking Obama? Who are the pointy face dudes in
the bottom left corner. And the people in the box above them? And are
moose-lady and her friend particular people?

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Thank you. It was a wonderful response to that act.

I don’t know if it was the artist’s intention, but it got me thinking of how many expressions there are regarding blood, but saliva is another bodily fluid–almost as universal, and certainly important in its own way, and one that can be shared without the necessity of an open wound.

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They all look so into it and passionate!

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Yeah, cartoons like this really do need a key. Hopefully others can help, but I’ll offer what little I can.

They’re two of the characters from Spy Vs. Spy, a cartoon that ran (and I guess still runs) in MAD Magazine. One of my favorite parts of every issue.


Is rainbow-flag-tshirt man kissing someone in

Gotta be Putin

And who’s necking Obama?

I think that’s a W button, so G dub.

Who are the pointy face dudes in
the bottom left corner.

Spy vs. Spy from Mad magazine

And the people in the box above them?

I think that’s MLK and … I dunno who

ETA: maybe Alabama governor George Wallace?

And are
moose-lady and her friend particular people?

I think it’s gotta be Palin with the glasses, and since the theme is enemies, maybe she’s making out with Pelosi?

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The pointy face dudes are my fave - the Spy vs Spy guys from Mad Magazine - two spies locked into a game of mutual destruction. Here’s a link to some of the first strips:


Re: MLK and George Wallace.
Almost certainly ~ it’s the Alabama flag in the background.

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Jesus. Kids these days.

They are Spy vs Spy in Mad magazine.


I think you got em. Here’s my stab for the the 2 middle rows:

Jesus/Centurion, Cheney/Gitmo detainee, Palin/Pelosi, Kim Jong Un/Seth Rogen

MLK/Wallace, Indian/Pakistani, English/Irish, Putin/LGBT


:smile: I feel compelled to defend myself! Not a kid, also not American.

I would’ve guessed a cross between Fingermouse and the Kia-Ora crows.

Thanks for all the replies though everyone, and apologies for the double post which didn’t self-destruct when instructed to do so.

Being, of course, the ultimate black vs. white nemeses, having lived for one another and little else for years. Note how tenderness tempers their passion.


Was going to say Warhol-esque, but Groening-esque is closer: an extreme example is here I was lucky enough to read Love is Hell, Life is Hell, School is Hell, Work is Hell, &c. &c., back in the day. I wonder if one of America’s most famous cartoonists will wade in, after seeing Robert Crumb’s contribution (in Tony Maakies’ facebook page, of all places.)

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