A guide to doggo names


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HAH! “Waggly Doofus” is perfect for a Golden Retriever. They are so friendly but dumber than a sack of hammers.


I have Dark-Topped Justice Bark.


Good God, I misread that one as Snowy Hitler. Even I don’t hate dogs that much.


I nominate this as a substitute Unicorn Chaser :smiley_cat:


Given industry marketing conventions, it is possible that you have a ‘tactical’ Justice Bark.


Pales in comparison to this one—

[[If the reduced pic size is illegible, try the bottom of this page: top rated doggos]]


testing, just testing


Our Speedy Needle is typically found in a a prone position.

Likewise, per an acquaintance, the correct nomenclature for the Rhodesian Ridgeback is “African Mattress Hound.”


Mostly the smallish mixes we find around here are Yarkbeasts, either Fluffy, Yappy, or Mopey.


Me doin him a heckin concern

His real name is Luke but usually Puke or Meat Tube.


My barky snarf just turned 12 yesterday. She’s a purebred Wookiee Retriever.


The corresponding cat chart:


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