Interactive map of New York City's dog names


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5 dog names


You can name a dog cat, but it still won’t wash itself. it still won’t shit in a box.


I wouldn’t classify this as a “map”, it’s just a visualization. Alas, I was hoping to see what names dominate which neighborhoods.


Stereotypical dog names “Fido” and “Rover” are wildly unpopular. Amazing!


My hat’s off to the one Jetsons fan who named their dog “Tralfaz”


Can get even more confusing: A friend named his cat “Macho Man”.


Sounds like a cat that’s both randy and savage.


That sounds about right, but my friend’s sense of humor is such that the cat’s name is the complete opposite of what you’d expect!



No Shit-Head? or is it censored since it is license-based.


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