The Suburban Pittsburgh Book of the Dog


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With the exception of “Buddy”, this is virtually identical to the lists of popular names for human babies.


Raise your right paw if your name is Daisy.


If I ever owned a dog, I’d name her Stella, so I could call her like this…



Go for it. (Seriously, thats why i named her Stella)


It is impossible to overstate the importance of this work. Or to state it.


My neighbors beat you to it, but the male half doesn’t do a good Brando.


is there a movie or tv show with a dog named Bella? because that number is really outsized.


I know two very…ummm…sketchy families who independently named their new Pit Bull puppies ‘Kilo’. Maybe in larger samples, the dog names might correlate to crime statistics.


Was that the name of the Yellow Dress character in Beauty and the Beast? I think you nailed it - there will now be a wave of suburban dogs named ‘Elsa’, soon.


Daisy Mae Duke


Look at that punim!!!


I loves me some hound dogs.


I wanna kiss that pupper on da nose.
(Okay, I’ll try to be an adult now.)


Main character in the sparkly vampire books that shall not be named but are pretty much synonymous with that time near evening called dusk.


Out of curiosity I looked at the baby names list for the last few years, and they are in the top 100 names for the state, anyways. (With the exceptions of Buddy and Daisy.) The top-10 human baby names don’t overlap at all with the top-10 dog names, though. So there is no real distinction made between human and dog names - it’s just a matter of differing popularity.


If you shout “Bella!” at my local dog park, 3/4 of the young girls and 1/2 of the dogs will look your direction.


but it looks a lot more like Flash than Daisy : )



Alright, stop teaching your dogs to do a Nazi salute, okay?

Though I can’t say I’m surprised.


To be fair, they are black cats, and therefore it’s unlucky for them to cross your path…