Top dog names and breeds for 2022

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…in the US

A caveat I feel I need to mentally add to every third BB headline


Bella is somewhat surprising, considering the name doesn’t even work as a pun like it does in German.

(Bellen means to bark, so this is roughly like calling your dog “Barky”)


I wish the top dog breed in the US or anywhere was shelter rescue.


I’ve got the #3 dog breed with the #7 dog name. What did we win, what’s the prize?


Bah, humbug. Here’s Cooper, my golden retriever, on our visit to the Maine coast in 2021.


This is Lulu. We think she’s a flat-coat retriever, or mix thereof. Got her at the shelter, so who knows.

Picture taken during the Texas snowpocalypse last winter. She emphatically did NOT want to come back inside.

We lost her one month ago. Old age.

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I have a Chiweenie named “Carmella” now and prior to her was a “Ridley” also a Chiweenie, “Christie” a Chocolate Lab and “Katie” an unknown part lab mix

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