Watch: Bulldog is excited about treat, so he's gotta dance


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Who needs a silk purse when you have a sow’s ear!


Poor guy’s ears are clipped though.
Poor little guy.

He’ll be a poor little big, big guy soon enough, but still, he’ll have clipped ears.
He’s got his business too.


Little guy wants to play.


That’s just adorable, even if it’s not a cat!


Oh great and wonderful treat
Although I am not worthy to eat you
Look upon my dance
And proclaim that I am
A Good Boy


** Not a Bulldog as the subject heading states** That is a Pitbull. See the hashtags for proof


He is, I believe this…


…an American Bulldog.

That’s two or three American Staffordshire Terriers right there.
Pittbull is a term without actual meaning.


I’m thinking American Bully


When I give my cat a treat, she deigns to put away her switchblade.


Oh man, I needed to see a happy creature tonight. Thank you.


Wait, you mean there was a video buried somewhere among all that Instagram hashtag spam? :thinking:


Are we not going to talk about the bong on the table?


I can’t remember when somebody gave me something that caused such joy. If I knew this silly pup personally I’d love to buy him a bag full of pigs ears.


You uh, you…just did.


It has actual meaning. It’s just not a breed. It’s a group of breeds, or a type. And it’s casually used to describe mixed breed dogs within the type.

Like how farm collie isn’t a defined, or specific breed. But collie is a type, and farm collie is the term for mixed breed dogs within that type. Bred for farm work.


Farm working dogs aren’t pedigree show dogs but they’re also not mixed breed. That would imply parentage of several pedigree breeds. Which would not produce a good working dog. The difference is that they’re bred for working ability rather than looks and that their gene pool isn’t stupidly restricted by a pedigree standard. #nitpicking #sorryitsmyphdtopic


I don’t think it belongs to the dog, so I think it’s okay.