Most popular dog names of 2014


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RE: Cat Names…

Sebastian? I’m guessing there’s one cat in Mississippi that hasn’t been killed (because Witchcraft!), and it’s named Sebastian.

I guess naming their dog can help people feel better about not having a cat.


Most popular dog names of 2015: Kirby Delauter


I think more children should be named Spot and Rover.


Retroactively, of course

What, no Cujo?

Many also made 2014’s top human baby names.

When we were deciding on names for our son years ago, my wife really liked the name Max. I told her we couldn’t use Max because her sister’s dog was named Max. We decided on my favorite, Milo. She was none too pleased when my mother mentioned a few years later that we once had a cat named Milo.


Having a dog named Jaeger is right up there with wearing a t-shirt that says “I SHAVED MY BALLS FOR THIS?” as shorthand for “I am a total asshole.”

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Amazingly neither Nemo or Pretzel made their list.


How do they tell you what their names are?

When our child was on the way, my ex kept pestering me about what to name it. I suggested that we should wait until it was old enough to decide for itself. This met with an unfavorable reaction!

The “name” I finally decided upon for the little bundle was actually a carefully crafted SQL injection we used to take over the hospital’s computer system.


We named the dog Indiana!

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I’m totally stealing your dog’s name (Nemo) when I get a dog (hopefully a Great Pyrenees).

But most of these dog names seem pretty boring. I like Nordic names, like… Kara, Sóley, Sólja, Malik, Tuuli, Veeti, Rasmus. The possibilities are endless.

Nemo has been my “I want to name a boy dog that” since I saw Avalon, so many years ago.

Nemo was named by the rescue, however, and I just kept the name (or I’d have changed his name to Nemo.) It is part of how the Great Pyr Rescue of NorCal knew he was to be mine – I planned to name him Nemo before I’d heard it was his name.

Calliope was the beginning of me naming female dogs after the Muses. Pretzel was slated to be Euterpe but my daughter couldn’t handle it.

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