'I renamed all my Pokemon whatever my 2 year old called them'


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I have a Magikarp called World Champ that I keep putting in gyms. He used to be called Eggy bastard, because he was a useless eggy bastard, but somefuckinghow, when tucked away in a gym for laughs, he managed to beat someone. So I figure he earned a new name.


Sounds more like a game of “guess what the designers’ influence was”.

yeah, I know I am very cynical…


Swetress is the best name for Bulbasaur.


Probably would have been more fun if they’d been named by a four-year-old. Also, kid sucks at arthropods. “A Fish”? “Potato”?


well, beats my 15 month old. for her they would all be “brrr” (bird) “monay, oo-oo, ah-ah” (monkey, chipmunk or squirrel), “rowrow” (dog) or the cute little “clip clop” noise she does when she sees a picture of a horse.


My usual naming scheme is a) Shakespeare characters, or b) food. I went with food this time. I’m gonna have to use “Um Potato”.


a FISH? that kid is blind. clearly, it’s a Crabby Claw Thing, because that’s what i call them. i got a Firey Horse last night, and also a Peacock Horse and a Flappy Bat.


What? A PIG! is evolving!

CONGRATULATIONS! Your A PIG! evolved into A piggy!!


The “Lists of Ridiculously Named Pokemon” trend has found renewed vigor. Not that I mind, particularly. This stuff’s comedy gold.



I would assume someone threw a Magikarp against yours and yours somehow came out winning


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