My Little Ponies generated by neural network


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Blue Cuss would actually be a good name for me.


It also works for stripper names.


I was hoping the neural net drew the pictures too, but alas.

Also, dibs on Raspberry Turd!


I saw Flustershovel Aoetel Pakeecuand open for Mogwai in 1998.


Don’t tell Ken White.


Lace Crunk’s new mixtape is tight.


At a Brony Convention with my kid, we took a break in the kids area and I drew Sasha K From KMFDM as a pony.

Can’t remember if I showed @Mindysan33 this, but she is familiar.


Oh man, half of the ones in the tough-sounding list sound like they could be from less-well-executed spinoffs of the enormous Fallout: Equestria fanfic.

  • Shoot Bolt
  • Sunsrot
  • Sunder Bright
  • Steel Roller (he probably owns a casino in New Pegasus)

Other personal favorites:

  • Dunder Dort (I’ll bet he’s related to Derpy Hooves [muffin emoji])
  • Flunderlane (The relative Thunderlane doesn’t like to talk about)
  • Star Star
  • Arple Robbler (this sounds like a McDonald’s character who steals pies from Applejack’s farm)
  • Smarky Hondsarors
  • Agar Swirl (I’m betting she’s a PhD student)
  • Parpy Stink
  • Cloudsdalou
  • Smanky Hank


Meh, I´ve seen worse OCs on Deviantart. Not mine thou, my ponysona is cool.


I hope the really gross ponies have Cutey Pocks.

(Patton Oswalt gave a hilarious rant on a Netflix special about MLP that made them make sense finally, and I’ve watched a few episodes since then.)


I love his bit, because I am a huge Star Wars fan, and my kid is/was an MLP fan. So I totally get his whole bit. And its hilarious when he’s like, “I don’t have time to invest in a whole new universe.” and then he goes on to give a synopsis of the show and mane charactesr.


You totally meant “mane” I bet.


wink wink


This seemed too intriguing not to look up.

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