AI paint color names improving, sort of


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Picular, a search engine for colors

I’d go with parp green, the whole house in parp green.


Dry Custard seems pretty spot on, and most of the other are darn good too. Great Job!


As the owner of two large dogs and a lawn tractor, I can confirm that Mown Poupe is in fact a blend of brown and green. I’d like to know how they achieved such a uniform color in their sample though.


This is sadly not yet in the first few pages of Google results for “parp”.


Don’t let Sherwin Williams find out about this, they’ll just put another creative person out of work.


Some of these actually make sense as color names, even if they don’t match the sample - “clay cow” is obviously a tan color, averaged between the two things, “rose colon” is obviously a similarly average red color. “Dry custard” is pretty straightforward (obviously the color of a custard powder before adding liquid) as is “blue child” (the color of an oxygen-deprived child). “Shy bather” is evocative, even if I’m not sure what color it evokes. “Barking white” seems like it should be a color, given all the minute variations of white with weird names, it fits right in. “Farty red” disturbs me deeply - it sounds like someone needs to see a doctor about that, immediately.


“Farty Red”?

Color-rectal issue?



Is this AI also employed to name nail colors?


“My name is like Stoned Blue.”
“But you’re a shade of green.”
“Am I? Whooooaaa!”


That bull cream looks like it’s gone off.


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