Baby names generated by a neural network


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It produced a lovely collection of names



Don’t tell the mormons! @slybevel :wink:

(My best most favouritest website in the world:


I dated a “Zolena” in Russia, wow she had some gams on her, indeed.


I dated a “Racky” once in… no, just kidding, I didn’t.


This should shorten the wait for George R. R. Martin’s next novel.



That neural network is plagiarizing!


Schmeklyflopgrill56 - BAM! I’m a baby name making machine! I can do this all day. Nipslipplesmith <- feel free to name your kid that. c’mon people, it’s not that hard.


Is it just me or do a lot of them sound like the Hogwart’s Class of 2032.


Hmph. I named my son John.


Bookmarked for my next D&D campaign: Cervyn, the Eldritch Lord of Amanie


Now considering fathering a child just so I can use one of these. Which is more thought than most people put into becoming a parent. :wink:


This has a very strong whiff of third-rate 1970 fantasy series (novel, film; take your pick) about it.


Is “Seven” in there? Or “Soda”?


Pathfinder rules, D&D drools.


I was always more of a Traveller guy myself, but then they have random generators already if I need some Vilani, K’Kree, Droyne, Aslan, Zhodani or Vargr names!


To me, most of the names read as feminine, and the remainder are mostly androgynous. Few appear to be boys names. I wonder what this means about the linguistic cues we use in names to indicate gender, and also what this neural net has actually learned about names.


Apocalypse World forever!


Please stay on topic. The password generator thread is over there.


“Kresty” and “Kranki” are excellent descriptions of most babies, so this is perfect.