Official b01ng BoIn9 Babby Name Thread


One name per post.

Don’t double- or combo-post spamming names.


Banana, surname Just-Look-At-It




Casserole - pronounced “K’Sara Lee”


Marxoryni Banana Peschizzberger?


Doctor O. Cory

What does the O stand for?
“Oy, ya wanna get glassed?”


If its a girl: Jennyfivetina!
If it’s a boy: Zaragrunudgeyon!

Shamelessly stolen from the Utah Baby Namer here:




Girl: Ester
Boy: Housane


Boy: 5753a498f025464d72e088a9d5d6e872592d5f91
Girl: 94f85995c7492eec546c321821aa4beca9a3e2b1


Unicorn Chaser Lastname.

It’s unisex!


Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa!


Vuvuzela :snowflake: Steampunkgoggles


Girl: Robin
Boy: Robin


You could resist the appropriation of names by terrorist organisations and call a girl Isis and a boy Ira - doing both with mixed twins might be weird though.


Can’t you come up with something unique? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen those names before…


or any other unisex given name, but not as first but as second name. every child has the same second name and to call them all at once one can simply yell “ROBINS!” or “KIMS!” or whatever




How’s you know my last name? (suspicious look) :smile:


We’ll probably go with something biblical, most likely Old Testament. Job and Leviticus are right out.