Horspest and Shivercell: a neural net invents names for fruit varieties


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Didn’t BB feature a fake advertising circular a few months back from some fictional store called ‘Apple Shack’? They featured things like “Crispy Rancids, jumbo size!!” and “Ambergris, extra juicy and tasty!”


My favourite band!


‘Stanker’ would be a great alternate name for durian.

‘Pork Gala’ apples, so good they could be bacon!

Also, I’m appropriating ‘Zuby Glong’ for my own purposes.


Anyone have a clue what the properties of Brown Soften might be?



Probably a variety of prunes.


Dear apple growers:

If you develop an apple cultivar named “Zuby Glong” I promise I will buy it and never stop telling everyone what it is.


List of upcoming song titles, refreshed. :thumbsup:


That’s…not what I was asking.


Horking doesn’t sound appetizing. Mostly because “hork” is a word used in some comics to indicate someone retching or vomitting.


Coming up with appetizing fruit names: check!

Full consciousness: imminent.

Also, I loved, love, and will eternally love Wacky Packs. They were my first introduction to resistance, culture jamming, and absurdity.

I think that was from the splendid Liar Town USA.


Sorry, lol. I’ll be good now.


My favorite “neural net comes up with…” application so far was a net trained on the works of HP Lovecraft that was then used to complete recipe instructions.

"This may be one of the most exceptional souffles you’ll ever serve. The beet color spreads upward from the noisome Great Ones."

and the reverse:
"All was in vain; the death that had come had left no trace save the steamed red peppers and chicken broth."


Wow. Almost all of these sound like Albanian car models:

“Me and Lorenc used to own 85 Horspest, but after finding abandoned warehouse full of copper wire, we buy almost new Zeelcher! It have all latest features, like seats and reverse.”


Pork Gala sounds like it’s probably Spam chunks and celery suspended in a Jell-O mold.

Klunk 134 is now a song title though.


Am I really the only person who thinks “horspest” sounds like a Chaucerian term for a zoophile?

Really? Just me? Huh. :confused:


It doesn’t sound like anything remotely appetizing to eat, that’s for damn sure.


Horsp, Horsper, Horspest.



“Jort: The Shorching” is the only game to play after enjoying a nice bowl of horspest.


Anyone who’s seen Ratatouille knows that horking is going the other way–scarfing it down.