Neural network comes up with crazy food recipes

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the early recipe sounds vaguely black magic. Don’t mess it up, or the spritkries will render your soul into the viscin

… holy shit - I was wondering why viscin wasn’t getting flagged by my browser, and it’s because it is a real word meaning “A material extracted from the mucilaginous sap of the mistletoe and used to make bird lime.” So, basically a gluetrap made out of mistletoe, to kill small birds & leave them hanging from tree branches like little corpse fruits. This is not leading me away from my black magic hypothesis


Boingboing’s neural network is getting better at disguising its recycled posts.


Reminds me of , “a stack-based language where programs look like cooking recipes”.

Bad Example:

72 g haricot beans
101 eggs
108 g lard
111 cups oil
32 zucchinis
119 ml water
114 g red salmon
100 g dijon mustard
33 potatoes


I noticed that, but this one goes into more depth, and it’s hilarious all over again.

I suspect the neural network has a BBS user and participates in this thread.

I for one welcome our new cooking overlords!

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doesn’t yet know that you can’t cube or chop whipped cream.

Speak for yourself.


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