Dungeons & Dragons spells created by a neural network


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Area of effect? Duration? Level? I don’t think that I’m the only one disappointed that this only creates the names, not the spell description…


For the best one you’ll have to click through.

It’s gotta be “Mous of Farts”.


May I suggest Epic Spell Wars? (Ooh, there’s a sequel out.)

Hard to top Tasha’s Hideous Laughter as far as “real” DnD spells go.


Maybe we need the person or team that developed RoboRosewater to create a new system for D&D spells rather than Magic spells.


Barking Sphere

Oh, somebody threw that one on my Boss, absolutely no doubt about it.


That one jumped out at me too as particularly funny.

“I cast Barking Sphere!”

“OK, what does it do?”

“It summons a sphere.” Pause. “That barks.”


Vicious Markers sounds like a cantrip used by frat bros at wizard school when their buddy drinks too much and passes out.


Blech, even computers are only into caster wank.


My personal favorite is farming. I’m not sure how it manages to get there from D&D spells.

Wait… would mous of farts be a hay pile made of multiple farts or multiple piles of hay that fart?


Does Fomend’s Beating Sphere come with lube? Asking for a friend.


Mine too. Sometimes the simplest absurdity is best.


Meh. Not much better than the random thief skill generator I made nearly 20 years ago. I mean who doesn’t want to Detect Pockets and Climb Languages?


Bigby’s Feeling Fingers.


That actually sounds like a very useful Thief skill. Being able to detect if someone has secreted something about their person is very helpful in allowing the thief to steal that thing.

…not so much.


It might be useful in frightening an Umbral Cat.


Evard’s Black Tentacles?


Unnatural Lust. Used it to good effect in a game last week.


I’m trying to work in a leomund’s secret chest joke here…


“I cast Wrathful Hound on our party’s war dog.”
“Okay, but he gets a saving throw… uh-oh, critical fail!”