Veggiespam needs help naming his newborn

Hey there fellow Happy Mutants. I am now the father of a tiny preemie Happy Mutant and I need help giving her an appropriate name! When I left for a cross-country business trip, Mommy & Baby decided to have a wonderful birthing adventure without me. Went to bed after rehearsing my giant presentation, woke up a first-time daddy. I skipped the work-stuff, was at the aeroport before 7am, and made it back to NYC to see baby’s first day on Earth.

For those unaware, Mommy is an artist whose name is WoolPictures [Etsy, IG, FB, Twit, Pin] and I am Veggiespam, a hacker manager of security engineers. With these tidbits, we’d like to choose an appropriate name for our little girl and we’ve narrowed it down to two options:

  • Veggiespawn
  • Woolyspam

I’d like opinions as to each from the members of the BB BBS. I own both domain names and Twitter handles now, and I will trust my mutant friends to not steal the BB username. WoolPictures and I decided that reserving the FB or Snap handles are not worth it, but are torn on TikTok handle creation.

Back to where I need your input. So would you, as an aspiring goth actor trained at Julliard who won Olympic figure skating gold prefer zombiezamboni@veggiespawn[.]com as your email or would you, the children’s hospital CEO whose really into sharing Garbage Pail Kids & Lisa Frank with her patients rather have unicornfarts@woolyspam[.]com instead. Or, maybe she’s just into off-the-grid reclaimed wood chainsaw carvings, so is it missingfinger@woolyspam or missingfinger@veggiespawn ? Decisions need to be made.

Please give me ideas and options, including hobbies and career choices which led you to your suggestion. I absolutely promise to show this thread to baby when she is old enough! And if you’d like to contribute to her chainsaw actor college fund, you can donate to woolyspam [at] venmo [disclaimer: ID subject to change per Happy Mutant input and yes, this goes into her bank account which you can audit if you so chose].

Thanks for your help everyone.


  • veggiespawn
  • woolyspam

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Congratulations, Veggiespam and WoolPictures! :bouquet:

If I’m reading you right, and the two options you present are the only ones under consideration, then I suggest you set up a poll for the mutants here to vote for their preference.


I had no idea you could do a pole [siri fail]. Thanks for the suggestion.


I would recommend holding off on the cutesy domain names/email addresses until your child is old enough to have their own preferences and style.

This is a person, not a new pet.

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Of course the child will have the option of choosing another domain if it is available or use the professional “real name” domain I also acquired. Yet, in my experience with the children of friends and co-workers, about half of the children kept the cutesy domain name past high school when given to them while they were little. YMMV.

My mileage very much DID differ! Not just with my own (now adult) children, but also witnessing their friends’ online choices as well.

You’re not in the driver’s seat anymore. Your kid will guide you into learning who they are.


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