A guide to how (and how not to) stash your fat stacks, inspired by Breaking Bad


From the article:

Walter White transformed from a mild-mannered, well-coiffed high school chemistry teacher into a terrifying, internationally-renowned bald drug lord in only five seasons.

Let’s also note that, while for many it was an excruciating, nail-biting five years of waiting for the new season (or, for the luckier among us, a few days of waiting for the next Netflix shipment to arrive) in the show that was one year.

I found Walt’s transformation mind-boggling even when I had no clue how quickly it was occurring.

I’m startled by how bad some of this advice is. Several of her helpful comments would sent Walt right to the slam. Is she not aware that depositing millions in cash into a bank account sends up some red flags? Or is she an undercover stoolie for the IRS?

yeah, the premise is flawed. if Walt could have deposited all that dough in the bank or transferred it without getting arrested, he would have. that was the whole point.

But if you’re hiding your legally-gotten gains (as we hope you are), you’d do better to just put your money in the bank

if my gains were legally-gotten, why the hell would I need to hide them? how is putting it in the bank “hiding”? .

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Since watching the show, I’ve become convinced that many regular businesses are actually money laundering operations. Specifically, I believe that the Chinese nail shops popular in our area are laundering money for the Chinese mob. I went to one place for several years; every now and then some sketchy looking dude would show up and a week later there would be two new chairs, a new floor, or some other upgrade. The people that work on Long Island are all trucking in from Manhattan - over an hour drive each way; always grouped up in a van. Don’t people need their nails done closer to the city than that? I suspect that the nominal owners of these joints don’t have much say in where the business is put, and that the workers are basically indentured servants paying off debts for their transportation to America or for a family member - or that they are so immersed in their immigrant community that they do not realize there are other options for them, easily accessible by public transportation.

After that, he stowed it behind the basement insulation (sure, he’s
got cancer already, but that stuff’s pure asbestos!)

Unless that house is about 80 years old and has never been refurbished, there’s no asbestos insulation in it. And I don’t think there are a whole lot of 80 year old houses in suburban Albuquerque subdivisions.

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