A hand-cranked 'Selfie Machine'


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Does the machine draw a red/green stereogram?


Just remember, taking money from the poor and destitute makes you a horrible human being…taking money from the rich, narcissistic, and artistic makes you a genius.


Should you want a “Selfie Machine” for yourself, Kramer sells custom ones starting at $10,000.

Either way, it’s still only one person. I want a general selfie machine.


This is a major breakthrough for all man/women/person kind.


That’s a very nice mechanism with the two independent cams - vastly more sensible than my own thoughts on the same problem.


Love the machine and the love in the machine. But hate the way it furthers the degeneracy of selfie coming to be used for any representation of a human being.


i want the giant weird gear that would draw my face

i want it today right now


No, it doesn’t.


I dunno, that “selfie” he made, supposedly of himself, looks generic enough to be almost anybody.


You have a point. But can the drawing pass the Turing test?


Very nice machine.

(but whoever made that video? It somehow combines square video, which in itself is worse than vertical video because it never fits. And then adds black borders)


If you crank out one picture in red ink and one picture in green ink on the same page, but move the page a bit between both rounds, it does.


No, it fails the Turin Test; it looks nothing like Jesus.


This automaton is very similar to a machine we use at work to sign documents for higher ups – an Autopen model 80 by Damilic – that works on the same premise; two arms holding a pen that ‘ride’ the edge of a wheel which is shaped to form the signature needed. Pretty cool!


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