A hand-drawn guide to every major 'Game Of Thrones' death


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Shouldn’t he also be walking into a bar with the Walking Dead show runner or comic writer?


If I were a television actor or actress, I’d be very worried in the current climate. Killing popular characters seems to be the way writers prove they’re hard-core these days. Since this seems to have resulted from a steady incremental escalation of consequences, which in TV were once less but are now more severe than they are in reality, I shudder to think what comes next. Every show ends in apocalypse or a Wizard of Oz style “it was all just a dream”?

And yet for all their supposed commitment to verisimilitude, no one gets so much as a bruised knuckle from punching someone in the face where the hardest bones in the body reside.


But there seems a lot out there for people right now. There seems to be plenty of work to go around, at least.

I dunno… the people on Walking Dead tend to gather bruises and scars pretty well.


Good point. I hope it’s going in the direction of showing that violence has consequences both immediate and delayed, and not just for the victims but also for the perpetrators. I think if violence were consistently shown more realistically, that it would be less romantic to audiences. Maybe I’m dreaming?


Yeah. I think that’s the entire point of Carol and Morgan’s shared arc starting in the second half of the 6th season… it’s pretty clear that Morgan was traumatized when rick came back to him with Michonne and Carl, and prior to meeting up with the guy with the goat/akido - deciding not to kill helped him deal what had happened with his son’s death in a more productive way. And then after Carol kills all those wolves and then fights with Morgan about him not killing the last one, she also starts to rethink all she’d done with regards to killing people up to that point. When she leaves again, at the end of season 6, it’s pretty clear she’s having problems reconciling what she saw as a necessity to kill with morality of killing.. I haven’t seen season 7 yet, but I’m interested in where they are going to go with Carol and Morgan as I assume they are going to the Kingdom, with Ezekiel, etc.


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