A horror novel that looks like an IKEA catalog


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Now I want to read this!


The cover designer did an awesome job. But I think bb improved on it greatly by cropping the original image and only showing the full version below the fold. The emotional response to the familiar images of an IKEA catalogue, quickly followed by the visceral “surprise! You’re fucked!”


The real horror comes when your overpriced torture chair falls apart, and the dazed victim escapes before you’re able to summon your Elder God.

Or you get most of the chair assembled before you realize you’re missing one goddamn bolt


My fear is getting lost in IKEA… again. I went to one, couldn’t find my way around, got disoriented and just finally went through the fire exit and set off the alarm. By that time I’d set anything I’d thought of buying down. Too much space, visual repetition, noise… that smell. Yeah, I’d say I’m more afraid of IKEA than rats or dead people.

Artist Ed Harrington did a series of horror movie monster IKEA instructional images.


Are you sure you weren’t just appearing in Alfonso Cuarón’s “IKEA”?

“Whose horror story is it now, fool?”

Sounds like horrorstory with more cöwbells :wink:

Looks like an awesome premise!

Also, why ORSK!? Don’t you think the people of Orsk, Russia have had enough of this kind of blatant non-racism!

Must’ve been inspired by the wonderful shortest horror movie “Lights Out” - a movie lit only by IKEA lamps http://youtu.be/FUQhNGEu2KA
The director explains How To Light A Movie With An IKEA Trash Can: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=at5kzilqdV0

Being from a country with umlauts, and the birthplace of IKEA these misplaced åäö everywhere hurts my eyes so bad!

Like the name Horrorstör, the ö here is pronounced like the U in murder, making it a really weird name. WTH is a stör [stɜː]?

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