Explore an infinite, procedurally-generated Ikea


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I wonder if procedurally generated meatballs taste any better than the real ones.


I went to an Ikea this summer (for the first time in a decade), and yea, this. I found it psychologically distressing in the most literal sense. Every sensory issue/quirk I have was triggered simultaneously.

Would not play.


I am reminded of Horrorstor https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/13129925-horrorst-r
edited to add: I suppose that the link to the boingboing piece is more appropriate https://boingboing.net/2014/09/05/a-horror-novel-that-looks-like.html


Pretty sure this was a Black Mirror pitch.


This looks very, very promising. Can’t wait to see this game expanded upon, and then eventually stolen by a big game publisher like fortnite.



Retail mayhem, you say?


From the videos, it’s not yet tuned into the Ikea layout magic. Random sprawls of Ikea furniture and warehouse-rigging doesn’t trigger the psychological oddness of the place. I hope the game gets the peculiar compartmentalization of Ikea, its uncanny mix of cosy and cold, open and labyrinthine.

Like so:


so, like a bit of Minecraft meets IKEA. If the meatballs are the redstone analog, I’m in.


Yay, I was hoping it would be scp-related.




So, a regular Ikea.


They say a Minecraft world has the equivalent surface area of Neptune. Imagine a Neptune of IKEA.


You need to know the shortcuts.


Film idea: a remake of Logan’s Run set in Ikea, on Neptune. 100% CGI.

There’s no way it can get much cheesier than the original. If there is any mercy in the universe, the actors in the remake will have better haircuts. And less eye makeup.

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