A horse stops in his tracks when he hears a woman's beautiful voice (video)

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Perhaps she squeezes the horse with her legs when she sings, prompting the horse to stop?

More studies are warranted. I am not a jockey. Horses don’t agree with me.


They rarely agree to anything.


What happens when she sings “My lovely horse”?


That horse has wonderful ears!
What a cool video! but…
Many well-trained horses stop when the rider drops the reins. :woman_shrugging:

We were given a singing exercise while mom and I had a riding lesson. The teacher had us canter one at a time, and loudly sing in rhythm with our horses for a few strides. It got to be my turn, and I cantered “my” little Ollie, but I couldn’t think which song I should choose. After some silent strides, our instructor lost patience, and yelled, “Sing, Chris!”

It shook me enough that a great song came loose, and I belted it out in an appropriate almost-baritone w/o even thinking.

tophat-cool tophat-biggrin tophat-rofl
Our instructor and everyone in the class cracked up. My tiny white female self singing, “Black cowboy/I am de black/I am de black/Cowboy” in a surprisingly deep voice was just too much.

The rhythm was perfect, too. tophat-yes

Ollie did not stop. He was used to my singing to him when I grazed him after lessons.

Rescued Mustangs never whinny, nor make use of any part of the ahem wide-ranging equine vocal repertoire. When other horses whinny in a stable or paddock which also contains a Mustang, the once-feral critter may get quite nervous and/or worried.

“Don’t those idiots know the wolves will hear them?!”


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