Listen: Harriet the Singing Donkey serenades passers-by in Ireland


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It’s a banshee


What a sweetie! Harriet sounds a bit like a bel canto opera singer, with notes of Canada goose.


option visa versa


I smell Eurovision success.

Imagine Harriet the Singing Donkey performing ‘My Lovely Horse’:


Donkey can sing better than I can.


F# methinks. Someone should sample Harriet and then use her voice to sing a duet of Ave Maria with Clara Rockmore on theremin. You know - if they have the time. Just a thought.


Maybe it’s just me but this was the first thing to pop into my mind. It’s a scary place sometimes…


I like the way she kinda just drops the mic there at the end and casually walks away.


I was presented with a Verified Female Singles ad while viewing that. Anything to do with her marital status?



What are these “ads” you speak of? I’ve heard them described variously as “little tv shows during the big tv shows that tell you what to buy” and “creepy brainwashing”…


For anyone who doesn’t speak donkey, she’s yelling “Please kill me! Please, oh please kill me!”

Re-watch it:


I love how they all come running! So cute!


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