A huge trove of vintage movie posters from the University of Texas's Ransom Center archive


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Wow, haven’t thought about Francis the Talking Mule in forever! I barely remember that movie but I do!


We have 4 or 5 of them on VHS. Most of them have been released on DVD at some point or another. They more-or-less stand up (at least are no more stupid than one would expect), mainly because O’Conner gets the gormless thing spot-on.

Incidentally, Francis has a cameo in this thing:


The UT General Libraries are just awesome. The David O. Selznick collection. The Borges collection. Poe’s writing desk. There is even a hair collection, not to mention the autographed baseball collection. Of course, there’s a Gutenberg Bible floating around somewhere.


The Ransom Center was a wonderful place to do research. Treasures everywhere.


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