Movie star automobiles go on a field trip together


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The car from Repo Man is oddly missing.


I don’t know how some auto rental agency in France come up with this idea before someone in Los Angeles. What visitor to the Petersen Automotive Museum hasn’t left wishing they could take Adam West’s Batmobile for a spin?


What about Marie’s mini?

or this mercedes?


I can’t make out the car on the lower level of the carrier immediately behind the cab.


I think it’s the Jurassic Park Jeep that Jeff Goldblum was lying in the back of during the Tyrannosaurus chase scene.




I’ve seen almost all of these vehicles at Volo Auto Museum. If you’re ever in the Chicagoland area, it’s a fun day trip.


Best car in the lot!


Maybe they’re on a guided tour of famous peoples garages? Is My Mother The Car driving? Oh hang on, is that Optimus Prime?


What’s that thing between Herbie and the Jurassic Park car?

EDIT: Nevermind, I guess I didn’t have my glasses on.
2nd Edit: Now I’m more intrigued about what’s that thing above Ecto-1!


Batmobile from the Tim Burton -era Batman films.


KITT was on a recent Jay Leno’s Garage. Pretty boring vid, though. Leno is dull.

Bluesmobile > all.


Fix the cigarette lighter.


Indeed. The only movie car that matters is that shitbox dodge.


Car’s got a lotta pickup.



Is this a good time to mention that I own a '74 Dodge Monaco? I grew up in Chicago and was six when the movie came out. Seeing that magic car fly past landmarks I knew so well really made an impression on me.


Repo men got it.