A Hyatt valet somehow parks a Porsche underneath an SUV in bizarre accident

That’ll buff out.


First thought was ‘I wonder what the babies will look like’.

Then I realised they were doing it wrong…


It might have been a Dutch police car.


And old Volvo’s.

they stopped making these 25 years ago and they’re still everywhere.



997.1, 2006-2009 IIRC. Cabrio is a bit more expensive, could be between $35-45K tops.
Not a rich persons car by any means. 1997-2008 non-turbo Porsches have a serious issue which severely reduces their resale value.
Not a particularly hard car to drive by any stretch of the imagination, very, very nice clutch.

thank you for correcting me

Less pedantic correcting and more friendly humor. Hence my :wink:

A lot of middle class people own 10 year old Porsches, they are wonderful cars, the finest a car can be and still be a reliable daily driver. Sadly there are many insensitive and angry people who’ve never met a Porsche owner and for some reason they must projectt their own insecurities on them.


All passenger vehicles sold in the US must have bumpers 22" above the road surface.


Counterpoint… AAA Exchange – Advocacy. Communication. Education.


No passenger vehicle or station wagon shall be registered or operated upon any highway of the state if the bumper height exceeds 22 inches from the ground to the bottom of the bumper.


Maximum bumper heights are as follows:

Vehicles with a net weight of less than 2,500 lbs: 22 inches.

Vehicles with a net weight between 2,500 lbs. and 3,500 lbs: front bumper, 24 inches; rear bumper, 26 inches.

Vehicles with a net weight of 3,500 lbs. or more: front bumper, 27 inches; rear bumper, 29 inches.


The maximum bumper height on all motor vehicles except multipurpose passenger vehicles is 28 inches for the front bumper and 30 inches for the rear bumper, measured from the road surface.

My state of Colorado

Modification of original vehicle bumper height is permitted.

And modify they do. No height limits listed. I’m not imagining these trucks. Yay Colorado.


Subaru-powered Porsche 914:

Awwww! It’s a boy!


and I’m just quoting “A Series of Unfortunate Events” :wink:


Ah. I don’t know the books or film. :slight_smile:

read them years ago with my daughter. It was the false modesty of one of the characters, to condescend even when they were wrong…


A ‘friend’ parked a dead one in my backyard when his sketchy vintage Porsche* collection started to impinge on his ability to get laid. 11 years of unpaid storage later, I found a sucker who would take it away for free. I tried to get ahold of the ‘friend’ to transfer the title, but he ducked my calls for about a month, then got mad at me for trying to call him. The new sucker is turning it into a private-track race car.

For such a piece of ‘fertilizer’ sitting in my garden for so long, I would have expected richer soil underneath it. A lot of stray kitties spent their days in/on/under it.

*The only 914 that ran had a Subaru engine.


C’mon Carla, that was NO “accident!” That was a crash; w/ a discrete cause. Lose the hyperbolic headline. Using the word accident is lazy and irresponsible; perpetuating the myth that, “Oh, silly cars, these things just happen…”

Apparently they chose those because the rear-mounted air-cooled engine meant that they could reverse long distances at speed along the hard shoulder (with a rear-facing siren)

They picked the Targa because it let the passenger stand up and direct traffic through the roof. There is one story that only officers who were married with children were allowed to drive the Porsches, as it was thought that they would be more responsible.


The old ones had plenty of power, but I think they’d be harder to get under an SUV.


“Naughty valet! Very naughty boy!”

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