A Japanese cosplaying cat


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Surely this is the Ultimate Instagram Mash Up! A genuine, “Awwwwww”.:blush:


For the love of cats stop personifying animals!


I have never had a cat that patient. Pentothal, you think?


I was just thinking: Patientcat is patient.


Why the fuck are cats in Japan so placid?


Because it is the Japanese… Way of the Warrior.


I had to check out other photos at the instagram link just to reassure myself this is in fact a live cat.


Someone has broken this cat’s spirit!


I love the range of emotions. :neutral_face:


None of the cats we ever had since we lived in Japan would have tolerated these sorts of shenanigans.


Well, there’s this one:

(Credit to @AndreaJames for introducing me to these videos.)


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