Video: Japan's "Cat Heaven Island" with more cats than people


Haven’t we seen this island several times this month? Or was it a different cat island? Or bunny island? And which one inherited Hemingway’s estate?


The other cat island was Aoshima.

Just saw this pic earlier today… Apparently Japanese Bobtails were War Cats:


Otherwise known as “Island of People Who Don’t Fucking Neuter their Cats.”

And sometimes “Island of Diseased Feral Cats whose population will crash after they’ve killed off all of the song birds.”


The beach has probably become a giant litter box.

All cats are war cats.

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But only Geordie cats are wor cats.

I was going to jokingly post something on this thread along the lines of “won’t someone think of the children??” given that that seems to be the dominant tone in all comment threads on BB at the moment but nope, I’ve already been beaten to it.

Jeez, lighten up, people…

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