WATCH: Burmese cats return from brink of extinction in Myanmar



I fully support the re-catification of Meownmar


Extinction refers to the complete and total, universal, elimination of something. Localized extinction is known as extirpation.


@bwv812 I was worried many would not know what extirpation meant.


I got my appendix locally extincted long time ago!


Reminds me of my neighbor’s back yard. They also put out food for feral cats.

Great. More cats.

I love Burmese. They have great personalities. My neighbour had a Burmese named Henry. Henry would rush in whenever I opened my front door and then strut around meowing loudly like he owned the place. On many occasions Henry would make his way to the top of the cupboards and start meowing loudly, unable to get back down. I am very short so I would often have to get Henry’s dad to come in and retrieve him. I miss Henry.


How did the coup wipe out cats? Socialism and hunger?

Nice perspective on the Youtube thumbnail (fourth pic down). For a second there I thought they were actually larger than the sitting man.

@nox Burmese cats were considered problematic because they were associated with temples and palaces. No one was allowed to breed them as officially pedigreed, so the remaining cats interbred with other breeds until they were no longer recognizable as Burmese. Luckily, a number of breeding pairs had been taken out of the country prior to the 1930s, and it was from these lines that they were reintroduced.

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So the population of cats was not going extinct in Myanmar, it was merely becoming less genetically pure as the breeds maintained at monasteries and temples mixed in with less elite cats. Quite possibly not a single actual cat was inconvenienced by the coup or ‘socialism’, and the headline is crudely deceptive.

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Damn generals interfering with zoological eugenics.

localized extinction is also very much less than optimal. Can’t tell if you agree with that idea.

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