Takin' a trip to Japan's kitty cat island: Aoshima, where cats outnumber humans six to one


I’ve been to Kabushima, but never Aoshima. I assume (and hope) they are very far apart, geographically.

Aoshima? Where have I heard that before? Oh, right.


The Wikipedia article linked is wrong. They are clearly not the same island based on the pictures.

Aoshima translates to “Blue Island,” so references to “Aoshima Island” are redundant. It is not an uncommon place name in Japan. The Aoshima “cat island” that the article talks about is located in Ehime prefecture, off the western coast of Shikoku.

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I found it, this is the island. It even has StreetView!

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“Now they will only eat cat. You have changed their nature”

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Yeah @xeni - wrong link in the post. It’s this one: http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/青島_(愛媛県)

(no english Wikipedia page)

Also that’s pretty cool with the street view… seems like it’s actually a guy with a backpack:

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Needs Google CatView™!


I’m told by my friend that used to bartend in Japan that occasionally you get a silly person who sidles up to the bar and confidently orders a Chinese “Aoshima” beer.

Two or three cats are adorable, but in such numbers they constitute a plague.

Adorable plague.

What’s better than a cat?
More cats!


There were no kittehs in the street view :frowning:

I have to imagine all of the feral cats turning to the one single cat with a collar in the first picture and starting to meow “One of Us, One of Us!”.

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When you’re a cat, you’re a cat all the way, from your first chunk of fish to your last dyin’ day!


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