A Japanese promoter has launched Kasotsuka Shojo, a cryptocurrency-themed all-woman "cryptopop" group


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I’ve read that throughout history, the genesis of many a war has begun with squabbles over a new form of currency. It always sounded a bit absurd to me, but today I feel I finally understand.


What, no vocaloid members?

That would have added a bit of William Gibson flavor.

ETA: Wait, what happens to the band members when they fork the currency?

See also: Bruce Sterling, Zeitgeist


There is NOTHING japan can’t anthropomorphise. There is no person, object, animal, machine or abstract concept that cannot be turn into a teenager kawaii idol.

That should be one of Internet rules just next to Rule 34.



Amazon wants more HQs... and honors the Smythe home, in Chagrin Falls, USA

Check, check, and check. OK, you are officially promoted to Cyberpunk Lit Geek Supreme Commander status. :slight_smile:


LOLOLOL you win interwebs today hahaha!!! oh my god I’m using that.


Like anything cryptocurrency related, Kasotsuka Shojo is of dubious value.


so, J-pop is getting more difficult to understand? It was so transparent previously.




Eh… Miku, Gumi and Daina are way too busy using their hardware to mine for bitcoin than to use it for singing


Well… honestly I think Japanese anthropomorphising all the things is just a sub-set of Rule 34.


So, this pop group is in for a shock when they find out the kind of guys who typically own a lot of virtual currency.


Something tells me this isn’t going to last.


I expect they’re very much like the middle-aged men who make up their fan base already. Japan already knows how creepy this is. They do it anyway.


You just gotta love it.


More Japanese shilling for Bitcorn:

Thats an ad truck advertising for Coincheck, a bitcorn trading app which claims to have the #1 userbase

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