A kid-friendly electronics board that you can program from the web

Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/03/12/peegar.html

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I would compare this to the BBC micro:bit. I bought one to sort of stay current and to have an easy programmable platform for my simple needs. It has the same benefits as the Peegar:

  • kid oriented
  • no need to install anything
  • visual programming with Microsoft block editor (you can naturally use Python and Javascript also)

In addition it has bluetooth which is a huge benefit. No cables, you can even program it wireless. I was able to get it paired up with my tablet, write my first program, compile and send it to the device in minutes after taking it out of the box. I liked especially that you don’t have to register an username or anything.

And it’s an actual product you can buy right now for about 20 euro including postage (I’d recommend you get the bat:bit case too).


I don’t have kids but I kind of want one for myself…


I got a 15 year old you can borrow!


If only there were some technology to record, store and playback those audio sounds… :sunglasses:

This could be cool for school districts stuck with chromebooks. Much easier to offload code this way! I’ll have to look at this a bit deeper.

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This is much too safe: I believe all electronics education should come with some risk of electric shock.

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